What is a VRLA battery?

A VRLA battery (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) is a sealed lead-acid battery that
requires no maintenance. It includes both GEL and AGM type technology, both with the following features:

  • Sealed using special pressure valves that should never be opened.
  • They are totally maintenance free.
  • All their electrolytes are immobilised (absorbed in AGM or fixed in the GEL structure.
  • They use a gas recombination that makes the battery, in normal operating conditions, emit no gases into the environment.
  • They are non-spillable, they can be operated in almost any position (except upside down).

What is a GEL battery?

In addition to the characteristics of VRLA, the GEL battery has:

  • Gelled thixotropic electrolyte is in solid state between the plates and the separators.
  • 15-25% more electrolyte volume than AGM type
  • Different types of separator, such as PE, PVC etc. Gel batteries, like AGM batteries, use internal gas recombination technology. The difference lies in the electrolyte since in VRLA Gel batteries it is immobilised in gel form and composed of a solution of sulphuric acid and silicon dioxide with a thixotropic structure that allows gas circulation while minimising electrolyte stratification.
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